Parent Guides


Lesson 1: All About Me

Lesson 2: My Family

Lesson 3: Basic Needs

Lesson 4: I Can Be Safe

Lesson 5: Friends & Connection


Lesson 6: Feeding My Body

Lesson 7: Taking Care of My Body

Lesson 8: Moving My Body

Lesson 9: Restoring My Body

Lesson 10: Communication

Lesson 11: Kindness & Sharing

Lesson 12: Rules

Lesson 13: Working with Others

Lesson 14: Identifying Emotions

Lesson 15: Expressing & Regulating Emotions

Lesson 16: Adjusting to Change

Lesson 17: Accepting Your Own Pace

Lesson 18: Growth Mindset

Lesson 19: Making Choices

Lesson 20: Compare & Contrast

Lesson 21: Healthy Coping Strategies

Lesson 22: I Can Learn New Things

Lesson 23: Curiosity Helps Me Learn

Lesson 24: I Am a Learner

Lesson 25: I Can Solve Problems


Lesson 26: Character

Lesson 27: Gratitude

Lesson 28: Being a Good Citizen

Lesson 29: Courage & Bravery

Lesson 30: Culminating Wrap Up

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About In Focus

In Focus Education Group is a consulting company of educators for educators. Our combined 150 years of education experience spans the K-16 system in multiple states and districts.

Through process, products, and protocols we work with system structures and priorities to transform the educational system.

Dimensions of our work include teacher and student well-being, curriculum design, and system wide change. At In Focus we work together to create customized solutions for the challenges in your teaching and learning environments.

Together, we can create a future in which our educators and students thrive.

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Are you wanting greater transparency and trust?

Are you looking for resources to support your child in their well-being?

Research has shown that engaged parents show love, provide support, set limits, are role models, teach responsibility, and provide a range of experiences for their children.

In today’s world, the opportunities to partner with teachers is needed more than ever! Our parent curriculum supports you as the parent/guardian in your students’ lives to do just that. 

Grades Kindergarten - 6th

Written by elementary school teachers and aligned with developmentally appropriate practices, the elementary curriculum focuses on foundational life skills and reflects the complexity of processes for each grade level.

Our curriculum includes over 60 lessons with hands-on activities, topic-based reflection prompts, engaging discussions, videos, read-alouds, downloadable and printable graphic organizers, and integrated deep learning opportunities