Unit 8: Esteem & Actualization

This unit introduces students to upper layers of Maslow’s Hierarchy. Esteem and actualization are realized as we celebrate influencers who demonstrate character, courage, and bravery. In this unit, we also distinguish between perfectionism and excellence. As part of this final unit, students will create a peak culminating experience that is significant, fulfilling, and meaningful.

Unit 7: Academic Well-Being

Academic well-being includes the behaviors and mindsets that help students acquire the knowledge and skills to be successful in an academic setting. Lesson topics include time management, preparing for the unknown, asking for help, and lifelong learning.

Unit 6: Mental Well-Being

Mental well-being refers to the brain’s thinking, processing, and learning systems. This unit includes lessons on focused attention and staying engaged, addressing shame, decision making, and keeping our minds and bodies drug free.

Unit 5: Emotional Well-Being

Emotional well-being is identifying, understanding, and managing inner feelings, thoughts, and emotions. This unit includes lessons on regulating emotions, addressing anxiety, dealing with grief, and forgiveness.

Unit 4: Social Well-Being

Social well-being reflects our interactions with others, including the ways we engage in active listening and dialogue, kindness and friendship, perspective taking, and conflict resolution.

Unit 3: Physical Well-Being

Physical well-being refers to the physical wellness and health of our bodies and includes active and deliberate efforts to respect personal space, demonstrate healthy coping skills, address microaggressions, and prevent bullying.

Unit 2: Self Awareness

This unit includes an exploration and celebration of who we are as individuals. Lessons include identifying and celebrating strengths of self and others as well as self-image and positive peer pressure.

Unit 1: What Is Well-Being?

This unit includes an introduction to the concept of innate needs as well as to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. An introduction to the In Focus well-being framework is also included in this unit that provides a roadmap for the learning throughout the year.

Curriculum Connections - Unit 1: What Is Well-Being?