Teacher & Administrator Well-Being

One way we support you in supporting your teachers is through our teacher well-being curriculum.

We provide hands-on, engaging well-being curriculum for administrators and teachers. Our adult well-being curriculum supports educators in navigating compassion fatigue and burn-out, and celebrates resilient educators committed to the work of educating today’s students!

What We Offer – Reduce Burnout & Stress

When you partner with In Focus Education Group, you gain access to an adaptable curriculum created by experts with over 150 years of combined experience in education.

After talking with several seasoned teachers and administrators, we developed a program that would be flexible, require minimal prep for teachers, and be engaging for all students.

Additionally, we provide synthesized strategies that facilitate teacher well-being through consistent reflection and practice. We provide customized suggestions for teacher training, small group, and individual needs through implementation of our teacher well-being curriculum.

Educator Well-Being Professional Development Series:

  1. Is aligned with the InTASC standards
  2. Includes over 25 professional learning modules
  3. Provides real-time data for administrators through teacher check-in reflection prompts
  4. Includes graphic organizers, live links, and discussion prompts
  5. Engages educators through interactive discussions, videos, research-based strategies
  6. Can be used face-to-face or via digital delivery platforms

Through implementation of our teacher well-being curriculum, we create more inclusive school environments, provide the needed support for educators, and model the practices we want implemented in our schools.

Increase transparency and trust with parents by providing them with a summary of clear learning objectives and lesson content. The In Focus Parent Guide summarizes the unit lessons and activities as well as highlights 1-3 activities that parents can use to follow up with their student at home.

The InTASC Model Core Teaching Standards both define and support ongoing teacher effectiveness to ensure student success. They describe the new vision of teaching needed for today’s learners, how teaching practices that are aligned to the new vision develop over time, and what strategies teachers can employ to improve their practice individually and collectively.

Created for both beginning and veteran teachers, the In Focus educator curriculum provides aligned support for professional practice throughout all stages of a teacher’s career.

Each of the teaching modules is aligned with the teaching standards and reinforce teachers’ knowledge, dispositions, and professional performances in daily teacher practice.

Standard 1: Learner Development
Standard 2: Learning Differences
Standard 3: Learning Environments
Standard 4: Content Knowledge
Standard 5: Application of Content
Standard 6: Assessment
Standard 7: Planning for Instruction
Standard 8: Instructional Strategies
Standard 9: Professional Learning and Ethical Practice
Standard 10: Leadership and Collaboration

We recognize that learning and teaching are complex and that teaching expertise can be learned, develops over time, and is not linear. The purpose of the In Focus educator curriculum is to describe a new vision of teaching as we support our teachers in transforming instruction to meet the needs of today’s learners.

Aligned with Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, our educator curriculum strengthens teacher knowledge, dispositions, and performances for physical, social, emotional, mental, and professional well-being.

In Focus Educator Well-Being curriculum is based on educational and psychological research. Our theories and practices are based on a synthesis of established research frameworks such as Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs (1943), Vygotsky’s zone of proximal development (1978), Erikson's stages of psychosocial stages of development (1963), and Katz’s stages of teacher development (1972).

Applying these educational theories to current teaching conditions, we provide coordinated efforts to support greater teacher self-efficacy (Donahoo, Hattie, Eells, 2018), greater teacher engagement (Bandura, 1997), and greater teacher retention (Hughes, 2012).

Our curriculum includes over 25 professional learning modules with hands-on activities, topic-based reflection prompts, engaging discussions, videos, and downloadable and printable handouts.

The plans also include a plug-and-play presentation that can be used to convey lesson content, guide discussions, and provide all necessary instructions for activities.

Today’s teachers depend on simple and successful online learning programs. That's why our teacher and administrator curriculum can be used in-person or remotely through various digital platforms (such as Google Classroom or Canvas).

We knew that in order to provide focused and timely data about teacher needs, we needed to go above and beyond the training opportunities that were already available. Additionally, research suggests that teacher growth can occur through reflection upon experience, feedback, and individual and group professional learning experiences (InTASC 1.0).

That’s why we built a state-of-the-art tool, our Reflection APP, which provides teachers a safe place to share insights, concerns, and questions directly with administrators based on lesson topics and prompts. Teachers' responses provide real-time data for administrators so they can adjust training, faculty meetings, and individual coaching opportunities.

Administrators and teachers can also communicate with each other to help teachers achieve the best possible outcomes in well-being and student learning.

Based on our own experiences as educators, administrators, and trainers and hearing from other administrators, we created a curriculum that requires very little preparation time; most administrators report they can plan a teacher training as little as 30 minutes.

All of the necessary materials are included in every module. All lessons include Google Slide presentations that are used with teachers to convey lesson content, guide discussions, and provide directions for specific activities. The slides include all digital materials needed for the lesson, including referenced images, videos, and handouts.

When we care for our teachers- they are better prepared to care for their students!

We love working with your teachers! We offer professional development that aligns with your district priorities and timelines. We work with teachers daily, weekly, and throughout the year.


If you're interested in partnering with us or would like to learn more about our Well-Being curriculum, please contact us today for a free demo! We can't wait to hear from you.


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