In Focus Parent Guides

Are your parents frustrated, concerned, or demanding more transparency? Research has shown that engaged parents show love, provide support, set limits, are role models, teach responsibility, and provide a range of experiences for their children.

Creating Parent Trust and Transparency

In today’s world, the opportunities to partner with parents are needed more than ever! Our parent curriculum supports the adults in your students’ lives to do just that. The purpose of our curriculum is to:

  1. Provide transparency to the curriculum and increase trust.
  2. Partner with parents in teaching well-being skills and competencies.
  3. Provide resources to parents to improve their own well-being.
  4. Extend the learning into the home environment, supporting parents in their important role.

We know that when parents are involved in their child’s learning, students reach new heights. Our parent curriculum develops a relationship between learning at school and learning in the home, supports parents in their unique role as educators, and increases the transparency of the students’ curriculum to build trust between parent and teacher.

Build confidence and competence in your parents with our Parent Guide written by parents, for parents.

Your students deserve the best that education has to offer, and that doesn’t just apply to the academics that they learn in the classroom. At In Focus Education Group, we provide you with a well-being curriculum that also supports parents in their critical role at home.

Students face unique challenges, and well-being life skills are critical during these formative years. A curriculum focused on well-being helps students develop the skills they need to navigate challenges and build a foundation for success. Our curriculum helps students to: 

  • Learn about emotions and how to manage them
  • Know how to set positive goals and achieve them
  • Develop social skills, such as communication, teamwork, and problem-solving
  • Understand how stress can affect their well-being and learn how to deal with it

The purpose of our parent guide is to increase transparency and trust, and to provide resources for parents to connect with their students on these important topics. In partnering with parents, we support the vital instruction that is being provided at home.

Choose a Parent Guide grade range to view:

Increase transparency and trust with parents by providing them with a summary of clear learning objectives and lesson content. The In Focus Parent Guide summarizes the unit lessons and activities as well as highlights 1-3 activities that parents can use to follow up with their student at home.

Parents want to connect with their students but don’t always know how. Our conversation starters bring the learning from the classroom to the home by providing parents with conversation starters that bridge the learning.

Our conversation starters are perfect for parents to use one-on-one or with the entire family. The stewardship of teaching and reinforcing these life skills is best supported in the home environment.

We provide parents with a list of research-based strategies that were taught to students in the classroom. Aligned in partnership, parents can reinforce the language, processes, and skills being introduced at school.

Parents can also identify and celebrate their child successfully incorporating strategies at home and with family members. Parents are positioned perfectly to help students identify areas of improvement, goals, and celebrations.

In the context of home and family, the exploration of these important life skills can be initiated at home. The In Focus curriculum provides activities for parents and families to explore together to increase well-being at home.


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