Our Team

Dr. Amy B. Miner, Ph.D, is a leading voice in education. As CEO of In Focus Education Group, she brings more than 25 years of K-16 experience to help educators create high functioning systems that elevate students and families, teachers, administrators and education staff. Amy brings strong presentation and training skills, strategic planning, and curriculum design.

Shane Wiser has over 30 years experience with a focus on leadership and team building. He has hired, trained, and led over 4,000 sales professionals during his career and has worked in both the film and education industries. He is a sought after motivational speaker and consultant. Shane is passionate about helping organizations succeed by bringing sales solutions to business associates and customers. 

Dallen Miner has a masters degree in organizational development and 20+ years of business consulting and strategic training experience. Dallen has worked in a variety of industry segments including education, high tech, accounting, and international business. Dallen implements solutions to help organizations thrive, while instilling ownership with stakeholders, to develop solutions for organizational effectiveness.

Colby Cook

Colby Cook brings 15 years of education technology experience to his role. Colby is responsible for leading the strategy of technology and creating a seamless and user-friendly platform that bridges the gap between technology and traditional learning in order to improve the overall wellbeing and make learning easier for all.