Dr. Amy B. Miner, Ph.D, As a leading voice in education, Dr. Miner brings more than 35 years of K-16 experience as a teacher, district administrator, professor, consultant, and owner of In Focus Education Group. Dr. Miner has worked with schools, and districts throughout the country in various teaching and consulting capacities and brings her expertise in curriculum design, integrated instruction, and deep learning to address well-being learning opportunities. She led a multiple teams in various states of educators in creating a Prekinder-Grade 12 curriculum as well as a professional learning series for educators supporting the adults that elevate students and families, and education systems. Dr. Miner brings strong presentation and training skills and is a sought after presenter at district, state, national, and international conferences. Her expertise in strategic planning and curriculum design brings relevance to research and practice based well-being solutions to education.

Dallen Miner has a masters degree in organizational development and 20+ years of business consulting and strategic training experience. Dallen has worked in a variety of industry segments including education, high tech, accounting, and international business. Dallen implements solutions to help organizations thrive, while instilling ownership with stakeholders, to develop solutions for organizational effectiveness.


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