WELL-BEING Program for Elementary Schools GRADES K-6

Our elementary curriculum encompasses grades K-6. Written by elementary school teachers and aligned with developmentally appropriate practices, the elementary curriculum focuses on foundational life skills and reflects the complexity of processes for each grade level.

Our elementary curriculum brings deliberate attention to:

  1. Supporting teachers in getting to know each unique student including their strengths, abilities, needs, challenges, interests, and approaches to learning
  2. Scaffolding instruction to meet children where they are developmentally
  3. Recognizing that all domains (cognitive, physical, social, emotional, and academic) are important
  4. Balancing children’s need for focused instruction with their need to build on what they already know through connections and hands-on activities
  5. Enabling students to reach goals that are both challenging and achievable
  6. Encouraging thoughtful teaching that embraces best practice, continuity, and change within each student’s culture and background
  7. Creating positive school climates through positive relationships, safety, and connection

Our elementary curriculum was written by teachers, administrators, and service providers. The curriculum is designed to be taught through Tier 1 instruction by classroom teachers, requiring minimal teacher preparation time and expertise.

In an effort to reduce teacher preparation time, all of the necessary materials are included in every lesson. All lessons include Google Slide presentations that are used with students to convey lesson content, guide discussions, and provide directions for specific activities. The slides include all digital materials needed for the lesson, including referenced images, videos, read-alouds, and graphic organizers.

All graphic organizers are included in the lesson plan and can be projected (through the Google Slide presentation), downloaded, or printed. No printed resources are included with the In Focus curriculum.

Written by teachers for teachers, our lesson plan activities align with research-based strategies (Hattie, 2012; Marzano, 2001). Additionally, our strategies are CASEL-aligned and incorporate CASEL-advocated teaching strategies (Durlak et al., 2011). 

Our curriculum includes over 30 lessons with hands-on activities, topic-based reflection prompts, engaging discussions, videos, read-alouds, downloadable and printable graphic organizers, and integrated deep learning opportunities.

Discussion strategies are incorporated throughout every lesson to make the learning fresh, relevant, and authentic. Students explore topics and apply their learning to home, school, neighborhood, and community.

In the elementary classroom, there is a heavy emphasis on integration with English Language Arts reinforcing reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. Our use of children’s literature introduces students to well-being topics through fictional and nonfiction characters, settings, and situations. 

Additionally, the In Focus curriculum authentically integrates with Mathematical Practices, Social Studies Themes, Science Cross Cutting Skills, Fine Arts, and PE/Health.

Aligned with Bloom’s taxonomy and Webb’s Depth of Knowledge, the emphasis of our elementary curriculum is on deliberately teaching through direct instruction, inquiry, play, and games that engage students in learning the knowledge, skills, and dispositions appropriate to their age. Through our hands-on activities students recall facts and basic concepts, explain ideas, and use information in new situations. Skills are sequentially scaffolded and reinforced in multiple ways.

Deep learning is reinforced through problem solving as students apply and transfer skills in cross-disciplinary ways, as well as draw connections among ideas, evaluate perspectives and data, and create and produce new and original work.

Research has shown that engaged parents show love, provide support, set limits, are role models, teach responsibility, and provide a range of experiences for their children. 

Our parent curriculum supports the adults in your students' lives to do just that. The purpose of our curriculum is to:

  • Provide transparency to the curriculum and increase trust.
  • Partner with parents in teaching well-being skills and competencies.
  • Provide resources to parents to improve their own well-being.
  • Extend the learning into the home environment by supporting parents in their important role.

Our K-12 student and teacher curriculum is currently available in both English and Spanish resources. Please reach out to us to request or learn more about our various resources for English Language Students.

Build confidence and competence in your students and teachers with our K-12 curriculum written BY teachers FOR teachers.


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