Coaching and Consulting

Engage in on-demand coaching and consulting aimed to build capacity and create conditions wherein students and adults can be their best selves, do their best work, and perform at their highest level.

Our consultants meet with you and key stakeholders to conduct an initial needs assessment. We then synthesize the data and co-create customized plans with you to improve your education system. Throughout the process our focus is on building capacity within your system to create ongoing and long-term success.

System Improvement Modules

As part of our ongoing consulting and coaching, we work within our school improvement framework which include the domains of vision, climate, leadership, alignment, instruction, and community.

We customize the modules based on your needs and priorities. Each domain includes support for administrators, teachers, and community stakeholders to unify the work of student and school success!

Additional Consulting Services

  • Provide 360 feedback process to leaders and teachers
  • Facilitate DiSC and Myers Briggs Personality
  • Profile Training
  • Training for entire faculty
  • Personal administrative coaching
  • Team (Leadership team, content teams, etc) coaching

Rates are negotiated based on the customized consulting modules


If you're interested in partnering with us or would like to learn more about our Coaching and Consulting, please contact us today for a free demo! We can't wait to hear from you.


Grades Kindergarten - 6th

Written by elementary school teachers and aligned with developmentally appropriate practices, the elementary curriculum focuses on foundational life skills and reflects the complexity of processes for each grade level.

Our curriculum includes over 60 lessons with hands-on activities, topic-based reflection prompts, engaging discussions, videos, read-alouds, downloadable and printable graphic organizers, and integrated deep learning opportunities