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Well-being for Students

A survey of teachers commissioned by CASEL found 93% of teachers want a greater focus on SEL in schools. They agree that social and emotional skills are teachable and are calling for schools to prioritize the integration of SEL learning practices and strategies.

Create system wide change with our innovative and research based K-12 student well-being curriculum.

  • Minimal teacher prep and flexible scope & sequence
  • Hands-on and engaging activities for students
  • Focused on prevention rather than intervention
  • Technology based platform to use face to face or online

Deliberately teach well-being skills and competencies through whole class, small group, and individual student activities. Our CASEL aligned topics include:

Regulating Emotions Empathy & Inclusion Equity & Diversity Conflict Resolution Problem-Solving Self-Care Managing Stress Resilience & Grit Growth Mindset Responsibility & Dependability

35 grade level band lesson plans include:

  • Hands on and engaging activities
  • Graphic organizers, video links, presentations
  • Assessment and reflection prompts
  • Online and deep learning activities

Well-being for Teachers & Administrators

Researchers at the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, surveyed more than 5,000 U.S. teachers and asked them to list the most frequent emotions they felt each day. The top five responses were anxious, fearful, worried, overwhelmed and sad.

Build confidence and competence in your building administrators and create the conditions for teachers to do their best work with our educator well-being resources!

  • 35 Research Based Topics
  • Minimal Admin Prep Time
  • Use with Entire Faculty, Small Groups, or Individually
  • Perfect for Teacher Professional Development, Courses,  and Licensure Workshops

Address teacher’s well-being by addressing topics such as:

Self-Care Equity Diversity Resilience Growth Mindset Conflict Resolution Problem Solving Empathy Collaboration


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Grades Kindergarten - 6th

Written by elementary school teachers and aligned with developmentally appropriate practices, the elementary curriculum focuses on foundational life skills and reflects the complexity of processes for each grade level.

Our curriculum includes over 60 lessons with hands-on activities, topic-based reflection prompts, engaging discussions, videos, read-alouds, downloadable and printable graphic organizers, and integrated deep learning opportunities